The Adair Value

Family Values

You Can Count On
Adair Homes’ approach to building blends beautiful, modern design with good old-fashioned common sense. We excel in creating well-edited interiors and stylish spaces that work within your budget. Thanks to our seamless construction process and long-term brand partnerships, you can trust Adair Homes to stretch your dollar further than ever before.

The Value of Adair

A forever choice

Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll make; that’s why we help you create a path to homeownership composed of quality materials and future equity in mind. Thanks to our honed efficiencies and decades of experience, Adair Homes offers the very best values at prices you can afford.

Our Core Mission is to build our customers the home of their dreams: innovative, personal, and built to stand the test of time. That’s why we conduct quality assurance checks at nine different stages of the construction process: pre-construction, foundation, framing, plumbing and electrical, siding and exterior trim, drywall, interior trim and finish, pre-walk, and final walkthrough.

Our reputation has been built on more than fifty years of custom home construction in the Western United States. We stand by our work with an industry-leading warranty and a commitment to our customers that if something goes wrong, we'll make it right.

“Building our home with Adair was a very very smart decision for us financially. It gave us the opportunity to grow and set us on the right path for our future. The day we moved in we had a little more than $80,000 in equity.”

- Satisfied Homeowner

We don’t do it alone

The Adair Family of Businesses

Partnering with us to ensure value for you

Adair partners provide high quality building supplies, custom cabinetry, and financial services
RidgeCrest Custom Cabinetry Logo

RidgeCrest Customer Cabinetry (formerly known as Pacific Crest) designs beautifully crafted cabinets and built-ins. Partners with Adair since its inception in 1972, Pacific Crest provides our customers unparalleled value.

Inter Pak Supply Logo

Inter-Pak Supply has been a sister company to Adair Homes for over 30 years. Inter-Pak's high quality interior finish materials create seamless transitions throughout our homes. Thanks to their volume purchasing, warehousing, and direct delivery, Adair customers always receive the very best products at the lowest available prices.

Adair Financial Logo

Adair Financial Services knows how to finance a home. Specializing in construction loans, AFS has built a reputation on offering honest, valuable, and ethical services. They understand the Adair Homes unique building process, and we trust them to do right by our future homeowners.

Investments for a Lifetime

We don’t believe in marking-up land or site development costs. This is your benefit, not ours. As a result, increased property equity can be used to your advantage, however that fits into your long term plans. If you are thinking about investing in multiple properties, let us know. We’d love to work with you.

“When we looked at investing in some rental properties you have to have 20% down and often they are used and in some distress. But with an Adair house we are able to manage our site development and that gives me the ability to roll what would have been a down payment into other projects.”

– Adair Homes Investment client

Whatever your homebuilding goals are, we have answers. After all, Adair Homes are built for your lifetime of cherished memories. That’s how we help build the greatest value in homebuilding.