A One of a Kind Construction Loan

Uniquely Tailored For the Adair Homes Customer

Alliance Financial Services was created to serve Adair Homes customers by providing financing programs to help them meet their goals of homeownership. The team at Alliance Financial Services understands the process of building a new home extremely well - they've helped thousands of Adair Homes families obtain financing for their dream homes.

Quick, Easy, and Competitive Construction Loans.

Alliance Financial Services offers 12-month construction loans at competitive rates and with as little as no down payment. Their program is tailored to take advantage of the equity created in the home-building process and to apply that equity as a down payment on the project.

Types of Loans

Each loan starts with a standard construction loan that includes the cost of the land, but once your new home has been completed, there are many loan options to choose from.

  • 15/30
  • Interest Only
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Fixed & Variable Interest Rates.

Many Permanant Financing Options Available After Construction

Permanent financing and refinancing programs - Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA - are also available. Alliance Financial Services works with their customers all the way through the process of building their affordable custom home, so they know them very well and are able to place them in the best permanent loan program for them at the close of construction

There are many types of loan programs available and we will workwith you to find great types of financing to fit your needs.

I'm proud to be a part of such an exceptional company and I'm excited to share with you that through our fiscal year Adair Homes customers' average equity position has increased to 29% which equates to an average dollar amount of $124,796.00. There are so many benefits to home ownership and even more benefits to building an Adair Home. As you can see, with these numbers, we don't only build Adair Homes, we're building wealth for our customers. This is so powerful and should be shared with everyone we come into contact with.

- Ryan Holtcamp, General Manager (March 2018)

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