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The Pacific Northwest is a special place to live. Our sense of community, connectivity, and civic pride are rare finds these days—-plus three hundred days of green. Perched on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this laid-back scenic beach town boasts seven miles of walkable beach. Whether you’re clamming, crabbing, or flying a kite, Lincoln City is the quintessential Oregon beach town you’ll want to return to time and time again. No wonder so many new families are moving to the Oregon Coast!

It is with particular pride that Adair Home’s serves this beautiful area by providing top quality, attractive houses for every budget. Adair Homes believes in the life-changing power of home ownership. Through our unique home building process, Adair homes realize built-in equity from day one! Speak with one of our Homeownership Counselors today to find out how your financial future might be positively impacted through building an Adair home.

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1934 SW Bard Rd
Suite A
Lincoln City, OR 97367

(541) 283-4070

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Serving These Counties
  • Lincoln
  • Tillamook
Upcoming Local Events
13 February

Building 101: Navigating the Path to Custom

  • Lincoln City, Oregon
  • 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Getting started down the path to building a custom home can seem daunting & even out of reach. Join us for this seminar to learn more about getting started! We will have financial experts on hand to explain the construction loans & give you t...

Local Testimonials
We completed our cottage home on the Oregon Coast in 2011 and we love our home. I was on site most of the time and I think that was important but the supervisor and local sales rep were always responsive to my calls and inquiries. They were very helpful to me during my "to do" time. We chose to do upgrades on the finishes and we are really glad - it made such a difference - quality over quantity. We both agree that if we should move and build again we would use Adair.
from Gleneden Beach, OR
Looking for your first home or even a vacation home weather you have a lot or need one go see Adair Homes in Lincoln City. Its just a great place to start.
from Lincoln City, OR
Terrific salespeople and floor plans
from Tillamook, OR
Meet Your Pro Team

Eric Franklin

Home Ownership Counselor


My greatest joy in business is working with my clients to realize their goals. New to Adair in 2016, I bring more than 20 years experience from the real estate, construction, and mortgage industries. Buying or building a new home has many challenges for anyone, I rely on my experiences to assist me and my clients in making the rights choices. Having the new homeowner's best interest in mind, and delivering on all promises made, is the only yardstick on which we should be measured.

Matt Moore

Construction Superintendent


I was born in Southern California, but Oregon has been home since 1992. My first job at the age of 15 was a carpentry apprenticeship. I now have experience with many aspects of construction from framing, finish carpentry, business management, and customer service. I married my high school sweetheart in 2005 and ten years later we welcomed our twins to the world. In my free time I love to be outdoors camping, fishing, hunting, golfing, taking the kids to the park, you name it! The best part of working for Adair is watching customers become home owners of the custom home of their dreams. Partnering alongside them from beginning to end is so rewarding on closing day.

Kristian Ingebrigtsen

Construction Superintendent


Growing up in Oregon, I learned to love the outdoors and to appreciate the beauty and the diversity of this state. From the mountains, to the desert to the ocean, I have seen it all. I have loved the construction industry since I was a kid. I would work next to my father on projects around our home and was taught to love what you do. I love to build homes, and I've been doing it for over 20 years in some capacity or another. I love that I'm in a job position that affects the lives of those living in the homes I build for many years to come. I take that responsibility seriously, and I know Adair does also. I'm very pleased to be working with a group of individuals who has that same understanding and the same commitment as I do.

Aaron Edgemon

Construction Superintendent


I joined Adair in 2018, as a Construction Superintendent. I appreciate the challenges that occur on a new build, and find joy in solving each issue that arises. I think communication is extremely important, and my customers can expect to hear from me regularly when I’m on their project. I resonate with Adair’s value of integrity, and carry that into my customer relationships and the work that I do. Outside of work, I am an eight year Army Veteran who enjoys spending time with family and watching football and baseball.

Wess Roberts

Regional Sales Manager


As a native Oregonian, I am honored to be given the opportunity to join the Adair team in 2017. With more than 16 years of commercial real estate, construction, and new business development. It is my privilege to bring this experience to Adair Homes sales team, to ensure we deliver a great customer experience. My passion for home building started when I was a child, as both of my Grand Fathers were home builders and carpenters. I will bring this passion along with honesty and integrity, into helping all Adair Homes customers build the homes they have always dreamed of. With a life long enjoyment of the outdoors in Oregon, you can be assured I am familiar with many of your building locations and the Oregon heritage.

Keith Steffen

Purchasing Manager

I joined the Adair Homes team in March of 2017. My passion for being involved in building stems from “the great American dream” of homeownership. Being in construction for over 20 years has allowed me to view various challenges from the Customer’s point of view. The satisfaction from a job well done the first time, and a customer that truly has no regrets, is a great feeling. When I’m not working, I love to hunt, fish, work in the greenhouse, and garden. I’m always trying to find the best in everyone I meet, and love to hear people’s “story.”

Jeff Williams

Mortgage Loan Originator


I started in the Mortgage Industry in 2003. I had just bought my first home, and I was so thrilled, that I wanted to help others achieve their dreams. I joined Alliance Financial Services in early 2016, because I recognized the tremendous opportunity that they, and Adair, offered to their customers, and I wanted to be part of that. I am a critical thinker, and enjoy finding creative solutions and strategies, to help my customers move forward. In short, I will fight for you. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life, and can’t imagine living elsewhere. I love family, reading anything, sports, board games, and anything outdoors.

Dara Steinhoff

Online Sales Consultant


I'm excited to help with our customer’s planning, through all stages of building their dream home. I came to Adair in 2014, with over a decade of experience in the building industry. I love helping our clients with their initial questions & guiding them to their path of building their affordable custom home with Adair Homes. Exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you'll find me in off hours, hiking, biking, shopping & spending time with my family.

Brandy Gist

PreConstruction Administrator


My interest in home building started when I was six years of age. My grandfather was involved in a construction company and had my siblings and I participate​​ on many jobs ​throughout my childhood years,​ leading me to​ learn quite a bit about the building process. ​I was also involved ​in renovating my childhood home. I gained the honor of referring to​ ​myself as an Adair Homes team member in 2017. The quality, gorgeous ​​designs, and the affordability of our homes is what drew me in. Exceptional customer service is the value I bring to the customers of Adair homes and the value I am most proud of. When I am not at work, you will find me out doors with my children fishing and hiking, indulging in outdoor markets of all kinds and finding new places to explore. At home I'd be doing indoor projects, playing games, or catching up on a great show!

Adriana Wright

Online Sales Consultant


I joined the Adair team in 2017 after being a stay at home mom for almost two years. Needless to say, while it was rewarding, I'm am happy to be back doing what I do best. After many years of contemplating building my own dream home, I am excited to be the initial source of contact for anyone who has that same desire: building your dream home at an affordable price with a reputable company who's been in business for over 45 years. With the expected growth that we are looking towards in the next few years, I am thrilled to be a part of this team. When I'm not working, I enjoy cooking, spending time with my family, and visiting local wineries.

Leigh Fox

Online Sales Consultant


I have been in the industry for several years. I started as a real estate agent, which led me to an interest in the home building process. I joined Adair in 2017, with the intention of helping people down the path to homeownership. Adair’s values of honesty, respect, and integrity resonate strongly with me, and I make sure to represent these values to our customers. Outside of work, I love exploring the Pacific Northwest and spending time with friends.  My true happy place is curled up reading with my two rescue dogs or watching movies with my kiddos on a rainy day!

Heidi Olsen-Paulsen

Design and Options Coordinator

Growing up with a general contractor mother, I grew to love the construction process. I remember sitting in on design meetings with her clients, the demo process, as well as the beautiful space she helped create for them. My experience working in flooring showrooms and owning my own design showroom/business; I learned a lot about the materials of today. I am excited to help fine tune the design options program, and am looking forward to helping everyone have their best experience. As a member of the Adair team, I look forward to what we will accomplish together. I like to hike, read, write and paint in my off time.

Brenda Loukes

Customer Care Manager


I've always had a foot in "Homes" as my dad was an architect, I was a real estate agent, I ran an interior decorating business, and I was a real estate marketing manager. This coupled with my previous leadership background as an Army Officer, led me to Adair in January 18. I am enthusiastic about Adair's philosophy of doing the right thing by treating customers with honesty, integrity, and respect. I'm passionate about customer care and desire to emulate these values by supporting a great customer experience! I love anything outdoors, exploring new areas, and trying new things. I am also a huge Foodie!