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Smartology (smart - ol - o - gy)

n. The science of building an incredible home at an amazing value, allowing Adair customers peace of mind having chosen a better builder, a better home, and a better life.
As an ENERGY STAR certified builder, we've made it a priority to build our homes in a way that helps customers save about a third on their energy bills and protect our natural resources, without sacrificing features, style or comfort. Our customers will enjoy living a greener life and save money.
Energy StarBetter RoofingBetter Windows

ENERGY STAR Qualified.

By choosing to build an ENERGY STAR new home with Adair, you'll help remove more than 4,500 lbs of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere annually.*
As an ENERGY STAR Homeowner, you'll be a part of a national effort that's helping to:
  • Save enough energy to power more than 20 million homes.
  • Remove the emissions equivalent to those from 25 million vehicles.
  • Help save Americans $14 billion.**

Better Insulation

Not only does your ENERGY STAR certified Adair home have more insulation than a code-built home but it's been installed properly and inspected before the walls were closed up. Properly installed insulation makes a big difference in the overall performance of your home. By carefully fitting insulation around obstacles such as electrical boxes, the insulation is kept snug against objects, without gaps, maximizing efficiency. The interior of your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The increased levels of insulation behind your walls will act as a sound barrier, so you'll enjoy a quieter indoor environment.

Better Heating & Cooling

Did you know that air leaks, caused by leaky ductwork, can account for up to 30% of the heating and cooling loss in a typical home? Mastic sealed ductwork and performance testing are required in every home that receives the ENERGY STAR label. Correctly sized and properly installed heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential to achieving maximum comfort and energy savings. This means the air you pay to heat and cool your new home will be delivered efficiently, saving you money and energy every month.

Better Light & Appliances

Energy saving products are included throughout your new home. The ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs and fixtures included in your home will reduce your lighting costs by up to 75%. Plus, the ENERGY STAR bulbs will last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. Your new home also features ENERGY STAR appliances that are designed to be more energy efficient without sacrificing the features and quality you expect.

LP Techshield Roof Sheathing

LP® TechShield® helps reduce energy consumption. It's ENERGY STAR-certified and reduces the heat load on in-attic air handling systems, cutting monthly air conditioning bills up to 17%. LP Techshield blocks up to 97% of the radiant heat in the panel from entering your attic, which keeps your home cooler. This means less work for your air conditioner.

Several other factors make LP TechShield Radiant Barrier an environmentally friendly building material. Our manufacturing process uses wood certified under Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards. That wood comes from small, fast growing trees, and the entire log is used. This means less waste and more efficient use of resources. Plus, LP TechShield Radiant Barrier contains no urea-formaldehyde, and we use only low-emitting, safe resins as a binder.

JELD-WEN Low-E Windows

Low-E insulating glass features three transparent, microscopic layers of silver placed between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings. These coatings block 95% of harmful UV rays and reduce window heat gain by 64%, so homes stay cooler in warm weather and interior furnishings fade less. In cold weather, Low-E helps maintain a steady interior air temperature for greater comfort.