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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adair Homes?
Adair Homes has been a custom home builder in the Pacific Northwest for more than 45 years now. We are the oldest and largest builder of affordable custom homes in the Pacific Northwest. With over 35 home plans and hundreds of options, as well as the ability to design a home to your specifications, Adair Homes can truly help you afford your dreams. Whether your hometown is in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho, Adair Homes builds most anywhere you want to be. Our unique build process allows for our customers to have limited participation in their project, saving them tens of thousands of dollars.
Do I have to own land to work with Adair?
Most of our customers come to us without land. Others have had land for many years and have been waiting for the right time to build. With our established network of trusted real estate professionals and our knowledge of the local area, we can help our customers find a suitable piece of land or subdivision lot. Our local branch office websites even have search tools to assist you in finding land.
I see other builders advertise for very low "price per square foot." Are these other builders less expensive than Adair Homes?
The simple explanation is that some of our competitors advertise a low price just to get you in the door. Typically they offer a bland home with no garage to hit this price point; a house you would not want to live in. They may even include the square footage of the garage in their calculation to make the home seem less expensive than it is. This is much the same as the way car dealers advertise one great deal in hopes that they can talk you into a much more expensive car. At Adair, we prefer not to play games, and instead to provide you an exceptional value on the home you really want. Not only are our prices competitive, but our quality is outstanding. You get more for your money! Contact Us to begin the process of building a price quote for the floor plan and features you really want.
How are your prices so affordable?
Many people equate affordability with low quality. This is not the case with Adair! Our high quality products and building techniques are above the standards of the industry and comparable to many high-end custom home builders. Through 45 years of building and supplying materials to job sites, we've created an efficient process that saves time and money. Further, as one of the largest new home builders in the Pacific Northwest, our buying power saves a lot of money, which is passed along to our customers.
Can you explain what it means that a customer is involved with the build process?
Sure. Adair's customers participate in their project by getting their permits, arranging for their site work (excavation, driveways, landscaping, decks, etc.) and either doing or separately contracting their painting (contact us for a complete list of owner participation items). Adair is responsible for everything involved with the construction of the home itself, from the foundation to the roof, all the way through completion (with the exception of paint). By being involved, our customers save a lot of money through avoiding builder "markup" on the items they manage. This may seem like a lot of work, and it does take some time, but Adair is here as a resource to guide you every step of the way. After all, we've done this over 15,000 times! Our customers receive, on average, $25,000 in move in equity for their trouble. Not a bad hourly rate! For customers who prefer not to be involved, Adair offers a "Turnkey" option as well.
We have heard that by building with Adair Homes we can have instant equity when we move in. What does this mean?
Put simply, typically the homes that we build for customers cost less than what they appraise for. The difference is equity in your home. Instead of being upside down after paying for a mortgage and owing more than the home is appraised for, Adair customers on average enjoy $25,000 of equity or more the day they move in.
Someone told me that Adair Homes builds "kits" or pre-fabricated homes, is this right?
Absolutely not! Adair Homes has always built conventional, high-quality homes right on site, board by board, nail by nail. Adair Homes is truly a custom home builder.
We found that Adair Homes offered open and honest answers from the first time we set foot in the door. If we had questions or concerns, there was always someone to speak with us if not immediately, then within a short amount of time. We found Adair's customer service to be outstanding!!
— Jorajuria Family
Dallas, OR